26th Division

A patch embroidered with only white thread is sometimes referred to as a “ghost” patch.

This project was a response to the acts of the National Rifle Association (NRA). In early 2017, the NRA assisted in overturning president Obama’s rule to restrict the sale of firearms to the severely mentally ill. The embroidered pieces are a criticism of gun violence and particularly the role the NRA plays in regards to gun laws. Much of the work references my hometown, Newtown, CT, and the gun violence tragedy associated with it. The rule Obama put in place would help prevent tragedies committed by the severely mentally ill, such as the one in my hometown, from occurring. Instead, the government voted to risk another tragedy in order to help the NRA and arms dealers nationwide. The imagery used within my embroidery is intended to protest against the politicians, organizations, and corporations that wish to profit at the expense of innocent American people.